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What Matters Most to You?

In uncertain times, we are reminded that both unbridled risk-taking, as well as overly cautious retreat, can have a negative impact on your financial picture.
As you plan for the future, you want to increase the value of your investments while simultaneously protecting your assets. Today, that means taking a proactive stance because traditional buy-and-hold models are simply not adequate in the current economic climate.

More than your net worth, our concern is about creating True Wealth for you, which goes far beyond making wise investments. True Wealth is about you, your life, your vision, as well as a sense of comfort, security and satisfaction.

Our approach is comprehensive to take into consideration every element of your financial status. We look at cash flow, tax planning, legacy planning, retirement planning, insurance planning and more to see how each fits with the others to compound the effect to your best advantage. This allows us to optimize your wealth plan and meet your individual goals.

As you read about our way of doing business, you’ll determine whether McGervey Wealth Management reflects your values and matches your criteria.

       E. Michael McGervey


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