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Third Guiding Principle �To advance your wealth when opportunities present themselves and protect it when they don’t

“Advance and protect�means we seek opportunities when the market presents them to enhance your portfolio. However, if growth opportunities are suppressed by market conditions, our first priority is to protect what has been gained.

With our disciplined, four-step investment process, we buy securities positioned to do well in an expanding market. In a contracting market, our process allows us to identify the proper securities to sell and raise cash in an effort to preserve your wealth. Your wealth is at less risk deploying our investment process as the market demands.

We place the importance of process over opinion and attitude. We aren’t swayed by emotions but rather follow our regular and rigorous discipline to guide our decisions.

Our services are fee based, which means we can be completely objective and aligned with your interests when making investment recommendations.

The value to you? Advancing  your wealth when the market is up and protecting your wealth when it is down.