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Living Comfortably in Retirement

Living in retirement has different challenges than building wealth for retirement. This is where our Enhanced Services can protect your dream.

Living in RetirementAfter many, many years of working in close collaboration with pre-retirees and retirees we've found most people want four key things for their future:

  • Peace of mind knowing their lifetime needs are taken care of
  • Confidence in their life planning decisions
  • The chance to have some fun and be a bit carefree
  • Perhaps a legacy left to heirs or charitable interests

Living comfortably in retirement is a universal dream. Learning how to create a lifetime income stream, and have that “paycheck for life” that ensures that you do not outlive your resources, gives you peace of mind during your retirement years. Call McGervey Wealth Management at (330) 493-9300 to begin crafting your unique retirement plan.

At McGervey Wealth Management, we seek to offer our depth of experience and knowledge to collaborate with you to meet your lifetime goals. Our quest is to offer you peace of mind and confidence - your job is to have fun and leave a legacy!

McGervey Wealth specializes in Managing Assets for Families, Business Owners, and Retirees with Minimum Invested Assets of $500,000.

Proactive Management of a portfolio is critical throughout your lifetime, but possibly more so during retirement years. Being nimble and decisive at the right time is essential to maintaining wealth, and the lifestyle that you have labored so hard to achieve.