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Fourth Guiding Principle ?To proactively manage your wealth planning to create True Wealth

We are highly proactive in managing your portfolio. It’s not uncommon in the investment field for portfolios to be reviewed as infrequently as every quarter or even annually. In contrast, at McGervey Wealth Management, we are watching your portfolio on a daily basis and making decisions on a weekly basis.

True Wealth demands that we always know where you are in relation to your own Family Index ?your objectives, desires, security and satisfaction. This is our compass, which tells us when adjustments are needed in your wealth plan based on both your needs and the current market.

Our approach is simple. We respond to what the market is actually doing instead of speculating where it may be heading. Nimble and decisive action at the right moment is the key to achieving and maintaining True Wealth.

The value to you? Everything we do is designed around what is important to you.