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First Guiding Principle  â€?To know you and be collaborative with you

You probably have questions about what the right course of action is today. You also may wonder if anything is missing in your plan.

That’s why we make no assumptions and take nothing for granted. We review every facet of your current financial status, including your core values, before making recommendations.

While market indexes have some importance, they are significant only to the extent that they serve your own “Family Index� Your Family Index defines the rate of return necessary for you to meet your long-term objective in the context of your wealth plan. Your personal Family Index fully considers your entire and unique circumstances.

We then must balance the level of risk that is comfortable for you with the reality of meeting or exceeding your Family Index. The importance of making sure your wealth sustains you throughout your lifetime is always our highest priority.

The value to you? We strive to make you feel cared for, with a plan tailored for your unique Family Index.