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Building Wealth with our Managed Solution

Once you have a plan for your future, one of the next steps in realizing your dream is by Building Upon Your Existing Wealth and Maximizing Your Portfolio

Let's Review My PortfolioWealth can be measured by many standards.

  • Family and friends can make one wealthy in relationships.
  • Fulfilling work can bring a wealth of well being to ourselves, and those that we serve.
  • Health can be one of the greatest blessings in life that makes us feel wealthy.
  • Adequate financial position can make the above possible, and more enjoyable. A certain level of income is necessary to put the above into practice. This is where building wealth can be of great value.

Once wealth has been built, we will seek to advance your wealth when the market presents opportunities. With our four-step investment process, we buy securities positioned to do well in an expanding market. We follow our regular and rigorous discipline to guide our decisions.

We will proactively manage your wealth planning. It's not uncommon in the investment field for portfolios to be reviewed as infrequently as every quarter or even annually. In contrast, we are watching your portfolio on a daily basis and making decisions on your behalf on a weekly basis. We respond to the market's behavior and not speculate on where it's heading.

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The happiest people in life blend a combination of these standards into the right mix for their lives. Yes, developing and executing a plan takes time and energy, but the end result will help put you at ease and enhance your quality of life. Call McGervey Wealth Management at (330) 493-9300 to begin crafting your unique retirement plan.

At McGervey Wealth Management, we realize that risk and uncertainty are facts of life. But there may be ways to reduce exposure to those risks by utilizing appropriate tools and resources. We are in the dream protection business, and building wealth is an important part of that dream.

McGervey Wealth specializes in Managing Assets for Families, Business Owners, and Retirees with Minimum Invested Assets of $500,000.